FrontierVille Guide III: School

Here is a complete list of the 'Schoolhouse Lessons' and the 'Bonuses' gain for your FrontierVille homestead.

FrontierVille School Lessons & Bonuses Guide

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MATERIALS: Chalk, Ink Pen, Ink Well, Slate, Spitball (Acquire through 'Gifting' & 'News Feed')

To Learn
To Complete
o Show and Tell
oo 10% greater chance of getting collectibles
1 of each
o Yardwork
2 of each
oo 10% greater chance that the '1 Energy' bonus from clearing will appear
oo Requires: 2 Ribbons - 100 Food
o Woodcutting
5 of each
oo Extra 25% more wood when cutting down trees
oo Requires: 4 Ribbons - 150 Food
o Rithmatic
5 of each
oo 5% discount at the market
oo Requires: 6 Ribbons - 1000 coins
o Recess
8 of each
oo Increase of '2 Energy' to the maximum energy level
oo Requires: 10 Ribbons - 2,500 coins
o Husbandry
8 of each
oo 50% increase in 'Coins' from feeding animals
oo Requires: 10 Ribbons - 300 Food
o Sharecropping
10 of each
oo Extra '1 XP' for helping neighbor's crops
oo Requires: 12 Ribbons - 12,000 coins
o Innkeeping
10 of each
oo Extra '1 Neighbor' is allowed to visit Homestead at one time
oo Requires: 12 Ribbons - 400 Food
o Irrigation
12 of each
oo 20% increase in 'Coins' from harvesting crops
oo Requires: 15 Ribbons - 50,000 coins
o Harvesting
15 of each
oo Extra '1 XP' for harvesting any crops
oo Requires: 20 Ribbons - 100,000 coins

End Note:
- Hope this helps.

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