FrontierVille Guide II: Collections

Here is the collection list for FrontierVille (includes info of which and/or how many of each items are needed for your quests/goals).

FrontierVille Collections Guide

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Animals (Livestocks)
o Chicken Collection
oo Chicken Breast - Chicken Broth - Chicken Drumstick - Omelette - Eggs
Trade In: 4 Energy
For Quest: Chicken Tender (5 Chicken Breast) - Checking For Breakfast (2 Eggs)
o Cow Collection
oo Butter - Cheddar Cheese - Cottage Cheese - Milk - Swiss Cheese
Trade In: 25 Food, Bucket
For Quest: Help Neighbor Make Cheese (2 Cheddar Cheese)
o Goat Collection
oo Can - Feta Cheese - Cashmere Sweater - Goat Milk - Goat Stew
Trade In: Cherry Tree, 25xp
o Goose Collection
oo Goose Quill - Goose Egg - Foie Gras - Roasted Goose - Goose Soup
Trade In: Downy Feather, 35 Food
For Quest: Raise Geese (2 Foie Gras)
o Horse Collection
oo Saddle - Horsehair Brush - Boot Spurs - Grooming Brush - Lasso
Trade In: Mule
o Mule Collection
oo Bedroll - Bridle - Feedbag - Saddlebags - Harness
Trade In: Fruit Ready Boost
o Mystery Animal Collection
oo Studded Leash - Spiked Collar - Cute Bow - Golden Bowl - Fancy Treat
Trade In: Stuffed Bear
o Ox Collection
oo Branding Iron - Ground Chuck - Steer Horn - Ribeye - Nose Ring
Trade In: Cow, 25xp
For Quest: Rockin Those Oxen (2 Steer Horns) - Welcome Fanny Wildcat II (4 Ribeye) - Party on the 4th II (1 Ribeye)
o Pig Collection
oo Bacon - Ham - Porkchop - Ribs - Sausage
Trade In: Peach Tree, 25xp
For Quest: Checking For Breakfast (2 Bacon) - Party on the 4th II (3 Ham)
o Sheep Collection
oo Wool Coat - Wool Gloves - Wool Hat - Wool Socks - Shears
Trade In: 3 Cloth, 2 Ribbon
For Quest: Care For Your Child (1 Wool Cloth) - Get Equipped (6 Wool Gloves)
o Turkey Collection
oo Turkey Knife - Turkey Leg - Turkey Stuffing - White Meat - Dark Meat
Trade In: Accelerate Crop Boost, 50xp
o Barn Collection
oo Salt Lick - Lantern - Milk Jug - Feed Pan - Hay Hook
Trade In: Sawhorse, Animal Harvest Boost
For Quest: Scout A Site (2 Lanterns)
o Cabin Collection
oo Candlestick - Skillet - Fireplace Tool - Stove - Welcome Mat
Trade In: 2 Clothing, Rocking Chair
For Quest: Welcome Fanny Wildcat I (1 Welcome Mat)
o Chicken Coop Collection
oo White Egg - Brown Egg - Spotted Egg - White Feather - Brown Feather
Trade In: 50 Food, Downy Feathers
For Quest: Collect A Dozen Eggs (4 White, 4 Brown, 4 Spotted Eggs)
o Foundry Collection
oo Furnace - Ladle - Casting Mold - Slack Tub - Tongs
Trade In: Powder Keg
o General Store Collection
oo Desk Bell - Old Book - Cash Register - Grain Sack - Receipt
Trade In: 2 Tools, 50 Wood
o Graveyard Collection (Halloween Collection)
oo Shrunken Head - Witch Broom - Vampire Fangs - Garlic Necklace - Scary Mask
Trade In: Skull, 25xp
o Inn Collection
oo Basket - Coffee Cup - Dinner Plate - Linen - Pillow
Trade In: Lucky Horseshoe
For Quest: Get Equipped (3 Coffee Cups) - Breakfast in Bed (2 Pillows)
o Jackalope Lodge Collection
oo Jackalope Antlers - Membership Card - Lodge Hat - Medallion - Membership Patch
Trade In: 2 Goats
o Land Office Collection
oo Survey Chain - Compass - Survey Post - Survey Transit - Territory Map
Trade In: Ox - Barbed Wire Fence
o Sawmill Collection
oo Bandsaw Blade - Sawdust - Logging Chain - Scrap Lumber - Circular Saw Blade
Trade In: +1 Max Energy
o School Collection
oo Eraser - Lunchbox - Paper - Pencil - Ruler
Trade In: 3500 coins
o Storage Shed Collection
oo Door Hinge - Spider - Step Stool - Toolbox - Vice Clamp
Trade In: Work Bench
o Tailor Shop Collection
oo Yellow Buttons - Red Buttons - Purple Buttons - Green Buttons - Blue Buttons
Trade In: 3 Cloth, 100 Coins
o Toll Collection
oo Bear Crossing - Cobblestone - Mile Marker - Roadkill - Tar Bucket
Trade In: Road Sign
o Wagon Collection
oo Brake Lever - Seat - Wagon Wheel - Yoke - Wagon Tongue
Trade In: 2 Plank, 2 Fire
o Cabbage Collection
oo Coleslaw - Fried Cabbage - Cabbage Rolls - Sauerkraut - Cabbage Stew
Trade In: Dutch Overn, 25xp
For Quest: In The Cabbage Patch, Part III (1 Coleslaw)
o Clover Collection
oo Clover Tea - Bee - Four-Leaf Clover - Clover Honey - Clover Blossom
Trade In: Sheep, 25 Food
For Quest: Make Medicinal Tea (1 Clover Tea) - Toys For The Kid (2 Bees)
o Corn Collection
oo Cornbread - Corn Chowder - Corn Fritters - Grits - Popcorn
Trade In: Goat, 25xp
For Quest: Chicken Tender (5 Corn Fritters) - Party on the 4th II (5 Corn Bread)
o Cotton Collection
oo Boll Weevil - Cotton Gin - Cotton Seed - Thread Spool - Yarn Ball
Trade In: 5 Cloth, 1 Ribbon
o Eggplant Collection
oo Eggplant Stew - Fried Eggplant - Roasted Eggplant - Eggplant Casserole - Ratatouille
Trade In: 2 Firecrackers
o Flax Collection
oo Canvas - Rope - Twine - Flaxseed Oil - Farmer Hat
Trade In: 4 Ribbon, 2 Cloth
For Quest: Rockin Those Oxen (2 Ropes) - Get Equipped (4 Ropes)
o Peanut Collection
oo Boiled Peanuts - Peanut Brittle - Peanut Butter - Peanut Oil - Roasted Peanut
Trade In: Unwither Crops Boost
o Peas Collection
oo Pea Soup - Pea Stew - Pea Pod - Peas and Rice - Snow Pea Stir Fry
Trade In: Wither Protection Boost
o Potato Collection
oo Baked Potato - Hash Browns - Mashed Potatoes - Potato Roll - Potato Soup
Trade In: 60 Food, Crate
For Quest: Welcome Fanny Wildcat II (4 Mashed Potatoes)
o Pumpkin Collection
oo Pumpkin Pie - Pumpkin Seeds - Pumpkin Muffin - Jackolantern - Pumpkin Bread
Trade In: Goose, 25xp
o Squash Collection
oo Squash Soup - Squash Gratin - Stuffed Squash - Fried Squash - Squash Medley
Trade In: Accelerate Animal Boost, 50xp
o Sunflower Collection
oo Sunflower Seeds - Sun Butter - Sunflower Bread - Sunflower Oil - Sunflower Petals
Trade In: +8 Energy
o Tomato Collection
oo Fried Tomatoes - Tomato Sauce - Salsa - Tomato Soup - Ketchup Bottle
Trade In: 500 coins
o Wheat Collection
oo Johnnycakes - Muffin - Cream of Wheat - Bread - Cookies
Trade In: Haystack, Pitchfork
Fruit Trees
o Apple Collection
oo Apple Butter - Apple Candy - Apple Cider - Apple Cobbler - Apple Pie
Trade In: Pig, 25xp
For Quest: Applie Pie Contest (2 Apple Pies)
o Apricot Collection
oo Apricot Candy - Apricot Cider - Apricot Fritter - Apricot Oil - Apricot Preserves
Trade In: 3000 coins
For Quest: Sickday (4 Apricot Oil)
o Cherry Collection
oo Cherry Cider - Cherry Candy - Cherry Preserves - Cherry Cobbler - Cherry Pie
Trade In: 3 Energy
o Peach Collection
oo Peach Cider - Peach Candy - Peach Preserve - Peach Cobbler - Peach Pie
Trade In: 7 Energy, Barrel
For Quest: Birthday Time! (3 Peach Hardcandy)
o Pear Collection
oo Pear Candy - Pear Cider - Pear Pie - Pear Preserve - Pear Cobbler
Trade In: 50xp, Crate
o Clearing Collection
oo Arrowhead - Eagle Feather - Old Pottery - Mushroom - Spanish Coin
Trade In: 35 Wood, Shovel
For Quest: Toys For The Kid (2 Arrowheads) - Make Medicinal Tea (2 mushrooms)
o Oak Tree Collection
oo Termite - Axe - Bird's Nest - Oak Leaf - Acorn
Trade In: Fire, Oak Sapling
o Pine Tree Collection
oo Spiked Boots - Pine Cone - Pine Needles - Turpentine - Tree Wedge
Trade In: 3 Planks, Pine Sapling
o Wildflower Collection
oo Orange Flower - Pink Flower - Purple Flower - White Flower - Yellow Flower
Trade In: 50xp, Bouquet
For Quest: Make Medicinal Tea (2 Purple Flowers) - Sickday (7 White Flowers)
Wild Animals
o Bear Collection
oo Bear Skull - Bear Tooth - Bear Meat - Bear Pelt - Bear Claw
Trade In: 1 Clothing, Animal Ready Boost
o Fox Collection
oo Fox Tail - Fox Fur - Fox Paw - Broken Egg - Chicken Bones
Trade In: Goose, 25xp
For Quest: Keep Warm (2 Fox Fur)
o Groundhog Collection
oo Damaged Tomato - Chewed Corn - Peanut Shells - Eaten Peas - Pumpkin Rinds
Trade In: 4 Energy
For Quest: Toys For The Kid (2 Peanut Shells)
o Snake Collection
oo Snake Skin - Snake Egg - Snake Rattler - Venom Vial - Snake Fangs
Trade In: 40 Food, Apple Tree
o Caroling Collection
oo Sheet Music - Tuning Fork - Caroling Candle - Hand Bell - Music Stand
Trade In: Large Wreath, 100xp
o Crafting Collection
oo Jack Knife - Pin Cushion - Planer - Thimble - Whetstone
oo Acquire From: -
Trade In: 3 Tools, 50 Wood
o Family Collection
oo Overalls - Portrait Photo - Hope Chest - Diary - Baby Shoes
oo Acquire From: Events/Missions, News Feed
Trade In: Reputation +2, Washboard
o Hex Collection (Halloween Collection)
oo Groundhog Doll - Fox Doll - Bear Doll - Snake Doll - Bad Seed
oo Acquire From: Snake/Groundhog/Fox/Bear Ghosts - Bad Seed from Harvesting (Got it from Pumpkins)
Trade In: Pumpkin Topiary
o Independence Day Collection
oo Tricorne Hat - Cannon Ball - Snare Drum - Powder Horn - Tea Crate
oo Acquire From: (Rare) Chicken, Fox, Groundhog, -
Trade In: Liberty Bell
o Labor Day Collection (or Back to School Collection)
oo Book Strap - School Bell - Paddle - Wormy Apple - Globe
oo Acquire From: Fruit Trees (?)
Trade In: School Wagon
o Manure Collection
oo Poultry Puddin' - Piggy Poop - Brush Brownie - Prairie Pile - Meadow Muffin
oo Acquire From: Animals (your livestocks)
Trade In: Saltpeter (needed for quest)
o Postcard Collection
oo Baltimore - Boston - New York City - Philadelphia - Richmond
oo Acquire From: -
Trade In: Saltpeter (needed for quest)
o Thanksgiving Collection
oo Plymouth Rock - The Mayflower - Hand-Made Turkey - Pilgrim's Hat - Blunderbuss
oo Acquire From: Squash
Trade In: Turkey Fryer
o Treat Collection (Halloween Collection)
oo Candy Corn - Rock Candy - Saltwater Taffy - Jawbreakers - Popcorn Balls
oo Acquire From: Visit and click a neighbor (choose 'Treat' option)
Trade In: Bear Costume
o Trick Collection (Halloween Collection)
oo Toilet Paper - Hand Buzzer - Jar o' Guts - Whoopie Cushion - Flaming Bag o' Poo
oo Acquire From: Visit and click a neighbor (choose 'Trick' option)
Trade In: Reaper Costume

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