Happy Aquarium Guide

Happy Aquarium is an aquarium simulation game, developed by Crowdstar, where you adopt, feed, and raise your own virtual fishes. Mate your fishes to gain even more experience and coins.
Happy Aquarium Profits Guide

FrontierVille Guide Ia: Quests I

FrontierVille is a simulation game, developed by Zynga, where you make the frontier wilderness your virtual home and start a family of your own. Plant and harvest crops and trees, raise livestocks, and build your own town from the ground up.
FrontierVille Quests Listing Guide

Ranch Town Guide

Ranch Town is a simulation game, developed by IGG(I Got Games), where you run your own virtual ranch by planting and harvesting your crops and trees, fishing and mining for raw materials. You can also process your raw materials and harvested crops to gain even more experience and coins.
Ranch Town Profits Guide

Social City Guide

Social City is a simulation game, developed by Playdom, where you build and run your virtual city. As the mayor, you build factories, residential and leisure buildings to keep your residents happy and to gain more population in your city.
Social City Contracts Guide

Zoo World Guide

Zoo World is a zoo simulation game developed by RockYou! Your objective in the game is to collect the most animals(common, uncommon, exotic, and even the rarest ones)available to you and grow your zoo into one of the biggest zoo attraction in Zoo World.
Zoo World Breeding List Guide

Sorority Life Guide

Sorority Life is a social game developed by Playdom. In the game, you can do various activities such as doing social events, fighting with your rivals, customizing your avatar with variety of clothes and accessories(all of which can boost your charm and popularity).
Sorority Life Social Events Mastery Guide

SuperPoke! Pets Guide

SuperPoke! Pets is a real time simulation game, developed by Slide, where you adopt a virtual pet(12 animals you can choose from) and interact with it as well as your friends' pets. You can also decorate your pet's habitat with variety of themes and items available to you.
SuperPoke! Pets Levels & Badges Guide

Happy Island Guide

Happy Island is a simulation game, developed by CrowdStar, where you make your own virtual island into a successful tourist spot. Various attractions are available for you to place on your island.

Happy Island Upgrades Guide

Pet Society Guide

Pet Society is a pet simulation game developed by Playfish where you create and raise your virtual pet. There are various activities you can do with your pet, such as fishing, cooking, racing, and gardening. Wash, brush, pet, feed, and decorate your pet's house to keep it happy.
Pet Society Guide

Island Paradise Guide

Island Paradise is a simulation game developed by Meteor Games. You grow crops, raise animals, and cook food from your own harvest for coins and experience. You can also decorate your island with variety of items available to you as you advance further in the game.
Island Paradise Harvest/Recipe Guide

Treasure Isle Guide

Treasure Isle is a treasure hunting simulation game developed by Zynga. You dig for valuable, exotic, rare treasures that can be traded for experience and gold when you complete a set of collection. You can also explore many places and decorate your very own island.
Treasure Isle Collection Guide

Fishville Guide

Fishville is a virtual aquarium simulation game developed by Zynga. You raise and sell fish (including rare and exotic fishes) for experience and coins. Grow them and feed them as required. Decorate your tanks with the variety of items available to you as you move up a level.
Fishville Experience/Profit Guide