Treasure Isle Guide

Treasure Isle is a treasure hunting simulation game developed by Zynga. You dig for valuable, exotic, rare treasures that can be traded for experience and gold when you complete a set of collection. You can also explore many places and decorate your very own island.
Treasure Isle Collection Guide

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Collection Set
o Treasure Remnants
1000g 30xp
Broken Bottle, Frayed Rope, Old Barrel, Pottery Shard, Worn Strap
Find: Wipeout Beach, Palm Paradise, Hula Village, Bikini Beach, Big Kahuna
o Chess Pieces
1000g 30xp
King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Pawn
Find: Protected Cove, Little Kahuna, Land of Lava, Desolate Land, Tenacious Isle
o Ancient Containers
1000g 30xp
Keg, Bottle, Clay Jug, Ceramic Pot, Pitcher
Find: Three Pools, Enchanted Land, Secret Forest, Jaguar Passage, Antler Island
o Sailing Instruments
1000g 30xp
Spyglass, Hourglass, Sextant, Compass, Globe
Find: Glimmering Shoals, King's Gauntlet
o Royal Tableware
1000g 30xp
Serving Platter, Chalice, Vase, Nutcracker, Bowl
Find: Vigilant Protector, Tranquil Beach, Kona Coast,
o Koa Wood Statues
1000g 30xp
Marlin, Shark, Turtle, Whale, Mahi Mahi
Find: Gem Gate Isle, The Long Reef
o Puka Shells
1000g 30xp
Anklet, Necklace, Ring, Bracelet, Earrings
Find: Tiki Atoll, Peaceful Bay, Deep Waters
o Fishing Gear
1000g 30xp
Fishhook, Net, Fishing Spear, Fishing Line, Weight
Find: Ancient Quarry, Eagle Claw
o Fine Weapons
1000g 30xp
Sword, Dagger, Spear, Musket, Crossbow
Find: Sacred River, Great Rune
o Musical Instruments
1000g 30xp
Drum, Drumsticks, Flute, Shakers, Conch Horn
Find: Brave Warriors, Defiant Stone, Lonely Tree
o Royal Furniture
1000g 30xp
Table, Stool, Armoire, Rug, Throne
Find: Buggy Bog, Silent Forest, Mayan Rock, Divided Land
o Amber Insects
1000g 30xp
Bee, Dragonfly, Mosquito, Scorpion, Wasp
Find: Forested Inland, Crooked Trail, Two Springs, Elder Court, Monkey Fingers, The Old Aquaduct
o Mayan Clothing
1000g 30xp
Sandals, Poncho, Huipil, Tzute, Belt
Find: Mystic Lake
o The Lost Hunter
1000g 30xp
Powderhorn, Butterfly Net, Jaguar Cage, Fine Musket, Throw Net
Find: Misty Swamp, Winding Way, Tree of Life, Calm Pools
o Britches n' Stitches
1000g 30xp
Peg Leg, Eye Patch, Hat, Hook, Shirt
Find: The Great Battle, Invasion, Monkey's Gold
o Good Grub
1000g 30xp
Pork, Salt, Flour, Molasses, Sea Biscuits
Find: Brigand's Cove
o Ship Parts
1000g 30xp
Wheel, Anchor, Figurehead, Jolly Roger, Cannon
Sharky's Village, Shiverin' Shores, Pirate Pub
@ Volcanologist Gear
Volcano Flag
Asbestos Boots, Fire Extinguisher, Oven Mitts, Safety Helmet, Sample Tongs
Find: Fire God Mountain
@ Lava Lamp Collection
Lava Lamp
Boulbous Lava Lamp, Skinny Lava Lamp, Rocket Lava Lamp, Traditional Lava Lamp, Fat Lava Lamp
Find: Fire God Mountain
@ Tiki Statues
Rain Cloud
Wind God, Rain God, Mountain God, Sea God, Forest God
Find: Sunny Shores
= Tiki Masks
2500g 60xp
Happy Tiki, Sad Tiki, Crazy Tiki, Angry Tiki, Sleepy Tiki
Find: Harbor Watchers, Isle of Trials, The Great Palm
= The Lost Adventures
2500g 60xp
Fan, Handkerchief, Sunglasses, Parasol, Smelling Salts
Find: Little Kahuna, Desolate Land, Mahalo Cay
= The Lost Explorer
2500g 60xp
Fedora, Bullwhip, Satchel, Leather Jacket, Journal
Find: Mystic Lake, Great Rune
= Hula Outfit
2500g 60xp
Skirt, Lei, Anklet, Wristlet, Headdress
Find: Peaceful Bay, Guarded Shores, Glimmering Shoals, Big Kahuna, Kona Coast
= Alepoi's Beach Gear
2500g 60xp
Surfboard, Paddle, Outrigger, Surf Amulet, Beach Mat
Find: Protective Cove, Land of Lava, Isle of Trials, Wipeout Beach
= Luau Artifacts
2500g 60xp
Ukulele, Poi Dish, Ipu Drum, Fire Knife, Tiki Torch
Find: The Long Reef, Tenacious Isle,
= Coral Jewelry
2500g 60xp
Coral Crown, Coral Bracelet, Coral Ring, Coral Necklace, Coral Earrings
Find: Tranquil Beach, Deep Waters, The Great Palm, Vigilant Protector, Bikini Beach
= Royal Garb
2500g 60xp
Cap, Cloak, Staff, Loincloth, Necklace
Find: Palm Paradise, Tiki Atoll, Gem Gate Isle, Hula Village, King's Gauntlet
= Royal Medallions
2500g 60xp
King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Jester
Find: Defiant Stone, Brave Warriors, Ancient Quarry
= Cave Explorer Gear
2500g 60xp
Water Skin, Firefly Lamp, Rope Vine, Satchel, Grappling Hook
Find: Antler Island, Sacred River, Enchanted Land
= Ceremonial Items
2500g 60xp
Calendar, Idol, Statue, Offering Bowl, Mask
Find: Calm Pools, Tree of Life, Misty Swamp, Lonely Tree
= Tin Soldiers
2500g 60xp
Archer, Axeman, Cavalry, Knight, Spearman
Find: Forested Inland, Crooked Trail, Elders Court, Two Springs, The Old Aquaduct, Monkeys Fingers
= God Statues
2500g 60xp
Jaguar God, Sun God, Hail God, Snake God, Thunder God
Find: Silent Forest, Three Pools, Secret Forrest, Jaguar Passage
= Grand Feast Preparation
2500g 60xp
Cooking Pot, Grinding Stone, Basket, Gourd, Stirring Spoon
Find: Divided Land, Mayan Rock, Winding Way, Buggy Bog
= Mayan Weapons
2500g 60xp
Club, Spear, Bow, Axe, Knife
Find: Eagle Claw
= Crazy Knots
2500 60xp
Reef Knot, Sailor's Hitch, Turtle Knot, Monkey's Fist, Bowline Knot
Find: Shiverin' Shores, Sharky's Village
= Fightin' Gear
2500 60xp
Cutlass, Billy Club, Blunderbuss, Grenade, Dirk
Find: Brigand's Cove, Invasion, Monkey's Gold
= Pirate Accessories
2500 60xp
Necklace, Leather Brace, Earrings, Ring, Headband
Find: Pirate Pub, The Great Battle
@ Hot Food Collections
Brick Oven
Frying Fish, Hotdog, Toasted Marshmallow, Shishkabob, Smores
Find: Fire God Mountain
^ Famous Diamonds
10000g 100xp
Blueheart, Golden Jubilee, Hope Diamond, Hortensia, Star of Africa
Find: Palm Paradise, Tiki Atoll, Gem Gate Isle, Protected Cove, Desolate Land, Tenacious Isle
^ Historical Sculptures
10000g 100xp
David, The Thinker, Justice, The Discus, Venus
Find: Peaceful Bay, The Long Reef, Guarded Shores, Glimmering Shoals
^ Treasures Of Egypt
10000g 100xp
Ankh, Pyramid, Sphinx, King Tut, The Eye
Find: Little Kahuna, Land of Lava, The Great Palm
^ Jeweled Birds
10000g 100xp
Peacock, Hummingbird, Owl, Swan, Toucan
Find: Harbor Watchers, Isle of Trials, Wipeout Beach, Mahalo Cay
^ Lucky Loot
10000g 100xp
Broken Mirror, Four Leaf Clover, Four of Clubs, Horseshoe, Rabbit's Foot
Find: Buried Treasure Chests
^ Sharktooth Necklaces
10000g 100xp
Great White, Tiger Shark, Hammerhead, Tresher Shark, Nurse Shark
Find: Hula Village, Tranquil Beach, King's Gauntlet, Deep Waters,
^ Mayan Jewelry
10000g 100xp
Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings, Ring, Headdress
Find: Enchanted Land, Three Pools, Great Rune, Jaguar Passage, Sacred River, Antler Island
^ Crown Jewels
300g 35xp
Crown, Bracelet, Ring, Necklace, Earrings
Find: Aloha Island
^ Lost Fine Art
10000g 100xp
Da Vinci, Magritte, Monet, Dali, Van Gogh
Find: Vigilant Protector, Bikini Beach, Kona Coast
^ Gold Coin Jewelry
10000g 100xp
Bracelet, Earrings, Face Veil, Necklace, Ring
Find: Forest Inland, Crooked Trail, Elders Court, Two Springs, Monkeys Fingers, The Old Aquaduct
^ Faberge Eggs
10000g 100xp
Owl, Peacock, Swan, Toucan, Hummingbird
Find: Misty Swamp, Defiant Stone, Lonely Tree
^ Kingly Treasure
10000g 100xp
Emerald Brooch, Diamonds, Pearl Necklace, Sapphire Gem, Scepter
Find: Divided Land, Calm Pools, Winding Way, Tree of Life
^ Prince Haritatos's
10000g 100xp
Brooch, Emerald Charm, Heart Pendant, Platinum Bars, Bracelet
Find: Mystic Lake
^ Queens Dowry
10000g 100xp
Black Pearls, Diamond Earrings, Golden Chains, Tiara, Uncut Ruby
Find: Ancient Quarry, Brave Warriors, Eagle Claw
^ Shipwreck Loot
10000g 100xp
Golden Apple, Emerald Chocker, Diamond Bracelet, Spanish Doubloons, Candelabra
Find: Mayan Rock, Secret Forest, Silent Forest, Buggy Bog
^ Pirate King's Possessions
10000g 100xp
Crown, Coat, Boots, Staff, Throne
Find: Invasion, Shiverin' Shores, The Great Battle
^ Pirate Plunder
10000g 100xp
Candelabra, Goblet, Hope Chest, Vase, Oil Paintings
Find: Monkey's Gold, Brigand's Cove
^ Stash o' Blackbeard
10000g 100xp
Coat of Arms, Map Case, Journal, Pen, Magnifying Glass
Find: Sharky's Village, Pirate Pub
@ Gaudy Jewelry
Volcano Waterslide
Diamond Ring, Emerald Brooch, Ruby Earrings, Sapphire Necklace, Obsidian Ring
Find: Fire God Mountain
Very Rare
@ Firefox Collection
Firefox Collar, Firefox Bed, Firefox Fireball, Firefox Food, Firefox Leash
Find: Fire God Mountain
@ Gold Menagerie
Golden Jaguar God
Golden Alligator, Golden Eagle, Golden Jaguar, Golden Piranha, Golden Snake
Find: Fire God Mountain
@ Tiki Ultra Rare
Forest God Crown, Rain God Chalice, Water God Surf Board, Mountain God Throne, Wind God Kite
Golden Tiki Head
Find: Mellow Waters Islands

End Note:
- Feel free to let me know if some of the informations are incorrect, or if you find some items that aren't listed.
- Hope this helps.

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