Frontierville Bugs/Fixes

Frontierville Issues/Problems: Dealing and Solving Them
- This is just from personal experience and how I dealt with each issue patiently. So, it may not work for everyone.
- I am just sharing this in hope it can help some people for I do know how frustrating it can get.
Important: Keep using link without the extra extentions on it. (Example: something... delete the stuff after frontierville and connect just using The reason for this is because sometimes it takes so long for it to load or it just gives an error like telling you to refresh the page. Also, before trying the solutions below, make sure that your browsers are clean (like clearing your cookies, cache, etc...)
- Game keeps restarting over and over few minutes after 'Character Creation' without saving.
Note: This may apply also to those people that keeps getting disconnected and reloading non-stop.
1. Load/Use Chrome, Safari or Firefox browser
2. Load/Start Frontierville apps game (
3. When it loads, create your character and follow Jack's tutorial. Just play the game normally.
-- The following steps are crucial and important. You have to be fast (or lucky).
4. After few minutes of being in the game, Jack's pop-up window will appear and tells you it needs to reload the game (something about Nestat(2) or whatever disconnection excuse it gives you).
5. On that same window, you only have one option to click. (Not sure now if it says "Ok" or "Agree" or "Reload" but whatever the case, you are only given one choice/option).
6. Click the "Ok" button and as fast as you can hit the "Stop" or "X" button/icon on your browser. This is to prevent the reload and getting rid of Jack's window.
- If you fail, well... you have to do it all over again.
- The best way you can do this is to open another tab or window(using the same browser, of course) and load another Facebook game such as Farmville, Cafeworld, Baking Life, etc... Whatever game(s) that can slow down the reloading a bit.
7. Once that whole thing is done, stay in the game for about 5-10 minutes, or longer if necessary. (Don't do too much, though. You can just stand around if you want).
8. Anyway, after sitting in the game for few minutes, exit your game/browser. Load the game again. If your game saves, that is good for you. If it doesn't save and you are asks to create your character again, do so and play the game normally.
However, this time there isn't anymore disconnection problem. I don't know how it happen, but Jack's disconnection window doesn't appear this time around.
Reminder: This has solved my problem and again, I am sorry if this solution doesn't work for most/some people.
- It's not loading...
- It won't finish loading...
- Error loading...
Recommended Browsers: Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox (all latest versions)
1. Download Flash Player Uninstaller >>
2. Download Flash Player Latest Version >>
3. Close all browsers and anything that has flash running on it.
4. Uninstall flash player using the Flash Player Uninstaller you just downloaded.
5. Restart your PC
6. Install the Flash Player(Latest Version) you downloaded earlier.
7. Play using Safari, Chrome, Firefox and the game should load.
Download Avant Browser >> and try using that. It should work, and if none of them works... well, I don't know what else to tell you.
Reminder: This has solved my problem and again, I am sorry if this solution doesn't work for most/some people.
- Help! Can't see my neighbors! (Sigh... if it's not one thing, it's another...)
1. Load Chrome and load your game.
2. Just outside that flash game window, right click and click/pick "Open frame in incognito window"
3. Close your current window and wait for the game to load on that incognito window. You should see your neighbors now.
1. Download Avant Browser >>
2. Install and play frontierville ( I didn't have any problem of seeing my neighbors, or anything. Just works out fine, but only problem is sometimes the game is slow. So, I hope this works for you, too). Make sure the latest version of flash player is also installed in the browser.
Reminder: This has solved my problem and again, I am sorry if this solution doesn't work for most/some people.
If you have trouble getting the horse, unlocking it, or receiving errors when you click your email. You can use the link below, not sure how long it can last but I hope it helps.

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