Fanglies Guide IIc: Fanglies Goals

Here is the 'Third' ongoing list of goals for Fanglies and the rewards gain from completing them.

Fanglies Main Goals Guide

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& Rewards
o Spring Cleaning (Birch Bed, 200 coins)
oo Use: 'Make Happy' 8x
oo Clean up: 3 Dust Bunnies
o Let's Build a Diner
oo Build: Diner
-- unlocks rewards: Diner, Chillibowl, Make Food
o Bring Halfpipe Home (Halfpipe, 390xp)
oo Use: 'Make Happy' 30x
oo Spend: 50,000 coins
oo Clean up: 20 Dust Bunnies
o Cupcake Party (Balloon Bouquet, 250xp)
oo Use: 'Make Happy' 12x
oo Spend: 100,000 coins
oo Eat: 5 Cupcakes
o Luau Time (Lucie Luau, 500xp)
oo Use: 'Make Happy' 40x
oo Spend: 200,000 coins
oo Clean up: 25 Dust Bunnies
o Let's Build a Bakery
oo Cookiedough wants to open a Bakery
-- Needs to Build: 3 Elbow Greese, 3 Bag of Hammers, 3 Thingamajig, 3 Brass Tacks, 3 Eagle Wrench
-- Unlocks: Cookiedough's Bakery, Cookiedough, Make Food
... ongoing

End Note:
- Hope this helps.

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